Storage on any boat is limited

and ours is no exception.

Just accessing some areas is difficult and at times frustrating

so we decided to follow the lead of one of our virtual MacGregor friends

and order an access hatch.

The perfect place to start will be to install it below the galley
so we ordered the larger rectangular model.
23″ x 13.75″
If this goes well will consider smaller ones later,
but François knows that anything that makes life easier for his Galley Kat,
creates smooth sailing for the Captain.
…we used 3/4″ plywood (leftover from our ‘coffin’ project)…
…for a backing plate to add strength to the fibreglass
and to ease installation…
…once the hole is cut.
…tracing the template, measuring twice.
…because cutting once will be our only option, says my confident Captain.
…my Galley’s belly opened and raw.

Time to see if it fits…

…this Galley Kat is always usually a big help.
… a polymer glue added to the painted backing plate.
…perfect fit opened.
…perfect fit closed…
One more project completed,
making life onboard R.E.D.
just a little more comfortable.
…now to get on with the next job.
BOAT MODIFICATIONS: Storage and Seating

BOAT MODIFICATIONS: Storage and Seating

MacGregors typically lack good easy access storage
and with this season taking us away from our home for at least two months
we wanted to make some small improvements
by adding a place to store extra supplies.
We found the seat between the galley and V-berth
to be wasted space – who wants to sit opposite the head (toilet).
And last season it became a catch-all for clothing bags, ball caps and galley gear.
After gaining some great insight and inspiration
from a fellow Mac owner, Doug Wendt aboard
Captain François undertook his winter project
(keepin’ the boat dreams alive)
Measure twice…cut once…
…the first cut (back panel)…
…Important next step…
…rough assembly + trip to the boat to make sure it fits…
A couple of minor adjustments then piano hinge installed…

…securely glued and screwed…

…it’s looking disturbingly like a coffin…

…front panel stained and silver trim to match the galley refrigerator assembly
with 4 coats of varnish…
A visit to R.E.D. and the new addition fits perfectly…
…and we can still easily access the storage below…

…Captain (of course) is very pleased…

…the seat cushion is back in place…
…showing that we will be able to access the new storage
with cushion in place (a latch with bungee still to come)…

…and Captain can still sit comfortably beside the galley

without bending over.

Now if only all this snow will melt so we can get this season started…



At the end of our first season last year

we were faced with where to store

all the boats things.

Living in a condo apartment means we have limited places.

And with a good deal of our space taken up with military gear

there wasn’t an extra square inch to put even a winch handle.

We compromised and took a contract at a local facility.

Now Francois is retired all that storage space is freed up

(and when I say ‘all’ you have to remember that it’s a small condo)

Several years ago we renovated our little den and installed Ikea Pax cupboards

to replace the outdated ’80’s closet.

One of the sales people suggested doubling the depth

(one installed in front of the other)

which invades about 12″ into the room but gives us so much more room inside.

…a place for all the Galley Kat things…
…and if we add one more shelf our Dometic cooler will fit too…
…there! all organized and secure until spring.
…R.E.D.’s heart removed and charging.
…bed springs – the only thing left onboard.